Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016
Year of the Monkey (February 8th)

When the gods reconcile… always an auspicious moment! Shiva the Destroyer of obstacles and his avatar the monkey god Hanuman as two aspects of the same god reuniting.
The Monkey can be mischevious, curious and clever witty able to solve problems working with their group while demonstrating an independence that gets things done. The nimble monkey is playful, cheeky and often likely to get the better of an encounter with humans. You don’t want one on your back and certainly not one in your mind, jumping around, screeching and chattering endlessly distracting from the task in hand. It’s said that the fear monkey is the loudest one of all.

The year of the monkey is an opportunity to befriend your inner monkey and put all that energy into the task in hand. Learn from the monkey, trust the monkey, take the leap and trust that the next branch of the tree will be there to receive you!hanuman2

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