Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022

                  The Year of the Tiger (February 1st)

As the Year of the Ox drops you off at the corner, the Year of the Tiger meets you with a fearsome roar. Tiger energy offers a brave, competitive and confident attitude. The shadow-side can be a tendency to be impetuous and to abuse power. The tiger is dominant by nature and self-serving in pursuit of its own survival as it acts alone without the support of a pack. The challenge in the human realm is the need for Tiger energy to find a way to belong while maintaining a territorial integrity. The result can be an inner conflict between the need to dominate and the need to accept the humility of being just one part of the whole. To learn this is to learn the true nature of the tiger. A tiger’s roar does not precede an attack.

Happy New Year!

Brian Tasker

PS, The original painting above is by a Thai artist called Pattnapan who I’ve been unable to contact to seek permission to use. Should the artist read this please do contact me. There is no commercial gain for me from its use. Thank you.

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