Contact Details and Links

    To contact Makeshift Theatre, send an email to: Please ensure that you put ‘makeshift theatre’ in the subject line.

    Visit the new UK site for the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) to join IPTN and for UK  Playback Theatre news: or 

    For Playback Theatre training provided by the UK School of Playback Theatre visit:

    For information about Playback Theatre including training in the USA visit:

    Need warm-ups and ideas for improvised theatre? Visit:

    Check out another great resource, the Drama Facilitator’s Bible at

    Thanks to Tabitha Frankel for alerting me to another useful resource:

    Interested in learning more about the art of The Fool? Visit:

    For information on haiku in Japan in both English and Japanese, visit:

    For the drama students at Learning Haven, who found information on the history of make up:

    More information on stage makeup discovered by Amelia:

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