Happy New Year 2019 – The year of the Pig!

Happy New Year 2019

                  The Year of the Pig    (February 5th)

As we move on from the Year of the Dog with its opportunity to prioritise what we needed to follow, so the Year of the Pig invites us to root for nourishment. Pigs have both panoramic and binocular vision yet they cannot focus.  To support our quest, we need to retain the focus of the dog gained last year otherwise we may well get lost in the pig’s inquisitiveness. The humble pig is much maligned, yet are clean (they have no sweat glands, so need to wallow) and intelligent although they are often misunderstood.

The pig can teach us to wallow to keep cool, finding refuge in our natural instincts rather than in what we have been told. Most importantly, the Year of the Pig invites us to root and to root deeply.

In doing so, may you unearth your deepest treasure and may that be in your own heart…

Happy New Year!




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