Playback Theatre Workshops in Stroud

Playback Theatre: The Art of Empathy in Action, An Introduction

Low cost: £15 as a Community Venture

I’m now running these increasingly popular Playback Workshops monthly in Stroud and we have participants from Bristol so car share is possible. You are invited to come and try it out with no obligation to continue.  Booking essential.  CPD Certificates available. This is an ongoing group since the beginning of 2018. There are a number of regular members and newcomers are always welcome to our friendly and warm group.

 Playback Theatre is a unique form of improvised theatre that invites a true story from an audience member which is then re-enacted on the spot. Playback Theatre is now practiced worldwide as community theatre drawing people together through the bonding experience of shared stories. Whilst often therapeutic, Playback Theatre is not therapy, although it can be used in clinical settings.  I teach Playback as community theatre and we will have time to feedback, process and share our experiences at the end of the day.  Anything shared within our group is confidential and boundaries are explicit.

Have fun learning the skills of improvised theatre through games and exercises. Use that skill in action and gain a deeper insight into empathy through the experiential embodiment of another’s personal story.  Listen with immediacy with an ethical dimension and act reflectively from spontaneity. Learn physically expressive skills and the methods of Playback Theatre.

Share what you wish to share and see your story re-enacted. Hear the stories of others and learn how to re-enact their story with artistry and skill in a safe environment. No previous theatre or drama skills required as everything will be taught on the day.

Just to clarify what’s being offered here: anyone interested in Playback Theatre is welcome to attend this ongoing basic training / refresher in Playback Theatre.  Each time we cover the fundamentals and explore some aspect or other. We’ll look at some short and intermediate forms etc and and also do some stories.  So the more that you attend, the more you’ll learn.  We do have an aspiration to perform in the future – that would depend on what we can cover in the meantime. Attending workshops doesn’t commit anyone to perform – we’ll look at that nearer the time. So the invitation is come along and participate, have fun, follow the flow of the day, explore our themes and stories, sometimes light, sometimes deep, more often than not both, loose and natural…

I look forward to meeting you. Do write or call if you have any questions.


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